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Drain Cleaning

Sewer & Stormwater Drain Cleaning

Water jetting to clean and unblock drains is efficient and clean. Symes Contracting Services uses a powerful vacuum truck, which is equipped with a sewer jetting unit with its own water supply. High pressure water is pumped through various root cutting, unblocking and cleaning nozzles to unblock a drain and then clean the pipe. Pipe diameters of 50mm to 250 mm can be cleaned.

If your gutters are overflowing, the drain from your gutter to the street may be blocked with leaves or roots. Rather than digging up your yard, the blockage may easily be removed. Water tanks and the pipes filling them can also be cleaned, removing years of sludge. The sludge is then taken away. Storm water pits can also be emptied of built up debris.

Blocked sewer drains can be jetted clean. Removing built up fat from kitchen drains and other blockages is done with cutting nozzles. The blockage point can be identified by use of a sonde pushed up inside a pipe. Our electronic locator can then pinpoint the location underground. This saves time and money if repairs are needed.

Flooding debris and mud can be vacuumed up and the area washed down. Freshly dug footings which become muddy following heavy rains can be vacuumed prior to pouring concrete.

Root Barriers
If you need to install a root barrier, our high pressure water unit can slice a trench without damaging underground services. No earthmoving equipment is necessary. This service can also identify which tree destructive roots belong to.

Slippery Concrete Paths
Clean up your mossy, slippery concrete. The area can be pressure washed then sprayed to prevent mould. Our jetting unit has more than double the flow of most pressure cleaners and therefore is quicker and more powerful.

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